Atlantis response to Hendry Review

Atlantis Resources welcomes the support the Hendry Review has provided for the development of large scale tidal lagoon and barrage projects across the United Kingdom. Britain is leading the world in the development of tidal stream, tidal lagoon and tidal barrage power and the conclusions of this paper justify our recently announced ambitions to develop large scale tidal barrage and lagoon projects in the future alongside our extensive tidal stream portfolio.

Tidal power is predictable and can generate renewable electricity close to urban centres with negligible emissions, visual impact and noise. Tidal barrage and lagoon projects, while also contributing to water defence strategies, will generate significant local and national economic benefits. The case to build an industrial powerhouse, leveraging Britain’s world leading position in the tidal energy sector is compelling.

The most important role for tidal barrages and lagoons in Britain is to act as utility-scale grid storage facilities to support deeper penetration of renewables.  The business case for tidal power is compelling. New tidal generation capacity will assist the large-scale expansion of variable forms of renewable energy generation; address the growing demand for energy and peak power; help manage the increased number of interconnections between the UK and Europe thereby promoting closer coordination between regional markets and, of course, contribute to security of supply, driving down consumer costs.

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