Shareholder Information & FAQs

The shares of SAE (LSE: SAE) (SAE or the Company) are traded on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and its shares have not been admitted or traded on any other exchanges or trading platforms. Our share registrar is Link Asset Services. If you are an SAE shareholder, you can manage your holding by registering for the online signal portal here:

To sign up for Signal Shares all you need is your investor code, which can be found on your share certificate or your dividend tax voucher.

You can also contact the shareholder services team on +44 (0)371 664 0330 or contact them by e-mail at


What are E-communications and how do I sign up for them?

SAE offers you the option to receive company communications by email. If you have not already, you can choose to receive communications electronically by emailing

E-communication provides faster access to company information and is safer; documents sent electronically cannot get lost in the post or be read by others. It also reduces paper wastage and company costs. Examples of company information that can be sent to you electronically include the Annual Report and Notice of AGM.

Where can I find SAE’s current share price?

A regularly updated share price can be found on this this website here, and through the London Stock Exchange.

Where are SAE’s shares listed?

The Company is listed on AIM, a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange.

How many shares are currently in issue?

As at 28 March 2024 SAE had in issue 722,812,335 ordinary shares. No shares are held in treasury.

How can I find out how many shares I own?

Your share certificate will provide information on how many shares you have bought in the Company.

If you have lost your share certificate, you should contact the Company’s Registrar, Link Asset Services, as quickly as possible, quoting your shareholder reference number if you have it. The Registrar keeps a record of shareholders names and addresses, and the number of shares they own.

Link Asset Services’ registered address is:
Link Asset Services Limited
The Registry,
34 Beckenham Road,

You can also contact the shareholder services team on +44 (0)371 664 0330 or contact them by e-mail at

How do I buy/sell shares in SAE?

SAE shares can be bought and sold through a stockbroker or share-dealing service.

If I have changed my name or address what do I do?

If you have changed your name you should notify our registrars (Link Asset Services) in writing, enclosing a copy of your marriage certificate civil partnership certificate or change of name deed together with your share certificate(s).

If you have changed your address, you can manage this through the online shareholder services platform. Alternatively, you can contact our registrars directly.

If a shareholder has died what should I do?

If the shareholder is the sole holder then you must notify our registrars (Link Asset Services), as soon as possible. Please notify the registrars in writing, enclosing the original share certificate and a photocopy of the death certificate, so that a replacement certificate can be issued in the new name(s).

Is it possible to transfer my shares to someone else?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your shares. To do this you should complete a stock transfer form. You can access this form through the online shareholder services platform.

What is the Company’s dividend policy?

It is the intention of the Directors to achieve capital growth for Shareholders. The Directors therefore intend to retain any future profits in the Company for reinvestment in the business and, accordingly, are unlikely to declare dividends in the foreseeable future. However, the Directors will consider the payment of dividends, subject of the availability of distributable reserves, when they consider it is appropriate to do so.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Information

When is the date of your next AGM and when can I expect the relevant information to be circulated to shareholders?

The date of the Company’s AGM and a Notice of the AGM will be circulated to shareholders ahead of the event.

Am I able to receive my AGM documents electronically?

Yes. All the Company’s documents are available to download on the SAE website here

If I am unable to attend the AGM, can I appoint a proxy?

Yes. To register a proxy, please complete the nominated persons details on the Form of Proxy which is available through the online shareholder services platform.

Where can I find past AGM documents on the website?

All of the company’s past AGM documents can be found on the investor section of the Company website, available here

What is SAE’s company number and VAT number?

SAE Company number: 200517551R
SAE VAT number: 854456894 (UK) / GST Reg No. 200517551R (Singapore)

How can I be notified of SAE’s regulatory announcements?

All regulatory and non-regulatory announcements for the Group can be found here. In addition, shareholders can subscribe to our mailing list through our website here.

When does SAE release its financial results?
As a listed Company, SAE is required to update its shareholders with regular material updates. At the end of the first half of the Company’s reporting year, it will produce an interim results statement. At the end of the full year, a preliminary announcement will be published. Information and updates for investors can be found on our website and past reports can be found here.

How can I receive a copy of the Annual Report?

The Annual Report can be found here. SAE is committed to a sustainable approach to business. Should you wish to receive a copy of the Annual Report via email, please email us at with your contact details.

Where can I find presentations made to shareholders?

Any presentations can be found on the company documents page of our website here.


As at 28th March 2024, SAE is aware of the following shareholders holding 3% or more of the issued share capital in the company:

Shareholder Shareholding (%)
SIMEC UK Energy Holding 29.68
Hargreaves Lansdown PLC 15.16
abrdn plc 10.47
Lloyds Banking Group 5.54
Morgan Stanley 4.57
Interactive Brokers Group 4.35
Janus Henderson Group plc 4.07
A J Bell Group 4.03
Barclays Bank 3.28


While the Company has implemented requirements within its articles to comply with the provisions of AIM Rule 17, the statutory disclosure of significant shareholdings is not identical to the requirements of the Disclosure and Transparency Guidance Rules for companies incorporated in Singapore and may not always ensure compliance with the requirements of AIM Rule 17. 29.88% of the Company’s ordinary shares are not in public hands.