Uskmouth Planning Update

24 May 2021

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Uskmouth Planning Update

Further to the announcement dated 24 March 2021, SAE submitted a “Statement of Case” (SOC) to the Planning Inspectorate on 21 May 2021. The SOC is a routine part of the ‘call in’ process and addresses the matters raised in the ‘call in’ decision letter.

The Newport City Council (NCC) planning case officer previously recommended approval of planning permission for the Uskmouth Conversion Project.  The SOC refers to the content of the planning officer’s report highlighting the following conclusion:

  • “Planning permission is NOT sought for the conversion itself as a change in the fuel source from coal to waste derived pellets does not require planning permission and there is no change of use of the existing power station as its primary purpose would be thermal combustion to generate electricity.”

Additionally, the SOC confirms the following key points:

  • The Uskmouth Power Station in planning terms remains an existing thermal combustion electricity generating station.
  • The fuel pellets are specially engineered and manufactured to enable operations to continue at the Uskmouth power station for the primary purpose of generating electricity. There is no direct link between the operation of Uskmouth Power Station and the management of mixed municipal and residual wastes.
  • From a technical planning perspective there were no objections from statutory consultees to prevent the proposals to bring the electricity generating power station back into operation.

The next step in the ‘call in’ process is for the Planning Inspectorate to conduct a review of the environmental statement for the Uskmouth Conversion Project and SAE is looking forward to feedback in due course.

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Notes to Editors

SIMEC Atlantis Energy

SAE is a global developer, owner and operator of sustainable energy projects with a diverse portfolio in various stages of development. This includes a 77 per cent. stake in the world’s largest tidal stream power project, MeyGen, 100 per cent. of the 220MW Uskmouth Power Station conversion project and 100 per cent. of Green Highland Renewables, a leading developer of mini-hydro projects.

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