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SIMEC Atlantis Energy Monthly Update


New Energy Innovation

An update from our CEO, Graham Reid:

Having had a chance to reflect after 6 months with the company I am so proud of the team and all they have achieved. It’s great to look back at the story of MeyGen, the milestones and achievements, and it reminds us all how far we have come. My focus is the delivery of our projects and I am pleased with the progress we are making. Our partnership and project with Remediiate has the whole team excited. I hope to be able to share more information on this to help explain the process and how it will work at the converted station, but I am delighted that work has already started and the Remediiate team are already becoming regulars on site. If we can build on this spirit of collaboration to deliver solutions to our global challenges then I think we all can benefit; I see this at Uskmouth but also in tidal and hydro where collaboration is the key to the future. I hope you enjoy this update and we at SAE will look forward to keeping you updated on our journey.

Graham Reid on Twitter

Sustainable Fuel Pellet Conversion

The Journey of the Fuel Pellet

How will the new fuel pellet create power for South Wales? How does the process differ from when the station ran on coal? How much needs to be changed to accommodate the new fuel pellet? Phil Jenkinson, our Conversion Engineering Manager, is here to answer these questions and to give you a tour of how the new fuel pellet will generate energy for South Wales.

The Journey of the Fuel Pellet - Uskmouth Power Station

Tidal Energy

The Journey so far

This month we’re taking a look back at the history of our tidal energy projects and how we have reached where we are today.

Our AR1500 tidal turbine was installed at our MeyGen site between Scotland’s northernmost coast and the island of Stroma. The 1.5MW tidal turbine was installed onto a gravity based foundation alongside three other turbines.

The MeyGen Tidal Array - The AR1500 Tidal Turbine

Since then, the MeyGen tidal array continues to generate clean, renewable energy, and to date has generated over 37GWh of clean, renewable tidal energy.

Over the years we have received great support from the Scottish government, and we have hosted many visits to our workshop at Nigg Energy Park and our MeyGen site in Caithness. Last year, we welcomed Nicola Sinclair, Donnie Mackay, Struan Mackie, Karl Rosie and Derek Louden to our workshop at Nigg Energy Park, to discuss the future of tidal energy in Scotland.

The MeyGen Tidal Power Project - Episode 1

Turbine Maintenance

Our tidal turbine workshop at Nigg Energy Park has been a hive of activity recently, with both the AR1500 and the Andritz turbine number one onshore for planned quarter-life maintenance. Whilst in the workshop, the turbines have undergone basic routine maintenance, including oil and filter changes, and will soon be ready for reinstallation at the MeyGen site in Caithness. Currently, there is very limited availability for suitable offshore vessels. With this in mind, we will be installing both turbines in one offshore operation, reducing overall costs when compared to two separate vessel hires.


The Loch Etive scheme is now in the restoration phase of the project, encouraging the surrounding environment to grow and thrive alongside the scheme. The 5.8MW project will provide clean, renewable energy to the rural communities who have supported the project from the beginning.

In the autumn, we will be hosting an Inauguration event alongside RWE who operate a neighbouring hydro power scheme. The inauguration will allow us to show local MSPs and councillors how hydro energy has not only supported rural Scottish communities, but also helped to build a strong industry and network of suppliers. We are excited to talk about what the future can hold for hydro energy in Scotland.

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