Uskmouth Sustainable Energy Park


In Development

SAE is the owner of the land, grid connection, infrastructure and existing power station at the Uskmouth site in Newport, South Wales. SAE has been developing plans for the conversion of the existing power station but the site presents many opportunities to develop sustainable energy solutions


Uskmouth power station conversion project

The Uskmouth Conversion Project plans to convert the coal fired power station at Uskmouth to utilise a more sustainable waste derived fuel. The fuel is designed and produced with 50% non-recyclable biogenic waste which is considered carbon neutral. Conversion to this fuel results in a huge reduction in emissions when compared to historic coal operations. This new fuel further combined with the carbon capture projects underway at Uskmouth will result in the electricity from the power station being carbon negative and Uskmouth making a major contribution to the UK governments Net Zero targets.

The project has completed Front End Engineering Design and full-scale proof of concept testing of the fuel and is now awaiting the determination from Welsh Government on the project's application to vary the Environmental Permit for the new fuel. This determination is expected to be made in [second half of 2022].

SAE and our partners plan to utilise the work done at Uskmouth as a blueprint for improving the environmental performance of aging coal fired power stations in the UK and Europe.


SAE has entered into a Partnership Agreement with Remediiate, an integrated sustainable developer of patented technologies that utilise waste gases to deliver high value algae products. This technology has the potential to not only decarbonise the emissions from the Uskmouth conversion project but also creates a high value economic product.

Our partner Remediiate will deploy an innovative product that tackles two of the biggest problems the world is facing, namely the journey to ‘net zero’ carbon and feeding a growing, global population. Using patented technology and highly specialized processes, their algae plants convert CO2, alongside other damaging greenhouse gasses, and use them to produce algae. The algae produced can then be used as feedstock for food and feed production.

This process is modular, allowing for a rapid and scalable rollout of the technology. This technology will be applied to SAE’s Uskmouth project and will further enhance the waste and greenhouse gas emission reductions. This project is a transformational technology partnership and will strengthen Newport and Wales’s position as a global leader in innovation and the journey to net zero.

The initial focus of the partnership is working on the development of a facility to be co-located with SAE’s Uskmouth power station.  This pilot plant will be scaled up over time with the intention of making the power station carbon neutral by 2025 and carbon negative by 2030.

South Wales Industrial Cluster (“SWIC”)

SAE is pleased to be a part of the South Wales Industrial Cluster (SWIC), which has been awarded £20m funding from Innovate UK to initiate work to decarbonise the region with a focus on industry and power. As a partner of SWIC we are carrying out feasibility work on carbon capture usage and storage from the repurposed power station.

The project involves the development of engineering and costings for carbon capture and conditioning equipment being located on site. SAE will also liaise with other project partners investigating feasibility of CO2 transport by pipeline to a temporary storage facility at Alexandra Dock before being shipped to a permanent deep store location.

Future Projects

The site and infrastructure present an exciting opportunity for other energy solutions and SAE is exploring opportunities for additional projects at the Uskmouth Energy Hub